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It all starts with a visual journey showcasing transformative smiles and enhanced facial aesthetics. Our curated collection of before-and-after images reveals the unparalleled expertise of our skilled team in Peterborough. Witness the seamless beauty of dental implants, where gaps and imperfections are replaced with natural-looking perfection. Experience the discreet transformation of Invisalign, bringing harmony to misaligned teeth with clear aligners. Our facial aesthetics section highlights the artistry of our professional doctors, crafting timeless beauty that radiates confidence. Explore success stories, where Dental Pods combines innovation and care for smiles that truly captivate. Your journey to a radiant, confident smile begins here.


Dental implants before


Dental implant after 1

Upper and lower implant-supported bridges replacing failed upper teeth and lower missing front teeth.

Porcelain crowns before
Porcelain crowns after

Porcelain crowns. 

Porcelain crown before
Porcelain crown before

Porcelain Crowns.

Teeth whitening before
Teeth whitening after

Teeth whitening, resulting in a brighter smile.

Two Splinted Crows Before
Two Splinted Crows After

Two Splinted Crows 

Mcgibbons all on 5 upper bridge before
Mcgibbons all on 5 upper bridge after

Mcgibbons all on 5 upper bridge

Dental implant before
Dental implant after

Dental implant – Replacing missing tooth